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Mumbai street food

10 Mumbai Street Foods You Should Definitely Try

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, it might easily get overwhelming. Beeping cars and auto rickshaws, vibrant colours, smells and flavours intertwine together, creating a unique picture. Mumbai street food is an experience not to be missed. Devour, experiment, explore, - an amazing array of tasty treats is waiting for you in those... Read more »

Swedish fika pastries

The Most Popular Swedish Fika Pastries

Tired of looking for excuses to have something sweet? Come to Sweden where you can use a magic word 'fika’ that will make the world stop and sweet treats appear on the table in front of you. Fika is a deep rooted ritual a bit similar to British afternoon tea tradition, when people sit down and socialise over a cup of hot drink and some... Read more »

Restaurant guests

Vilnius Food and Drinks Redefined

Don't get fooled by guidebooks suggesting you should go looking for potato dumplings as the utmost culinary delicacy when visiting Lithuania. Days when this country was best known for hearty potato dishes once consumed by hard working farmers are long gone. Today the capital city Vilnius is a good representation of gastronomic trends that can... Read more »

Traditional Brunch Cocktails: Mimosa, Bellini and Kir

Having a cocktail with late weekend brunch is not an uncommon experience. Sparkling wine based brunch drinks are usually offered for those who are not big fans of Bloody Mary and prefer more elegant brunch tipples. Mimosa, Bellini or Kir are the most popular classic drinks you will usually see on brunch menu. Find out the story behind them and... Read more »

Spanish ham selection

An Introduction to Spanish Ham

A visit to Spain simply won’t be complete without trying some local ham. If you are in Barcelona, most likely you will stumble upon one of specialised jamón shops with cured pork legs hanging in the window or come across dedicated ham stalls in Mercat de Boqueria. It took me 3 trips to Spain until I figured out what is worth the space in... Read more »

Spit cake

Spit Cakes Across Europe

If you visited Budapest or Prague, you might have seen pastries baked on spits in the streets, tempting with irresistible smell of melted sugar and cinnamon. The tradition of baking on logs on open fire dates back as far as Dionysiac feasts in ancient Greece. These days spit cakes are made in many countries across Europe and vary in... Read more »

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