Toddy and food

India Off the Beaten Track: Exploring Kerala Toddy Shops

‘Girls from good families don’t go to Toddy shops’. These were the words that my Keralite friend Divya heard from her granny and she never went to one. Toddy shops in India are considered manly establishments, where male patrons come for a jug of palm wine called Toddy or Kallu and a snack. What I was told about those places that the... Read more »

Food street Bangalore

Bangalore Food Street: Make Sure You Come Here Hungry

There is the whole street dedicated to food in Bangalore and by no coincidence it is called Food Street. Even though the street is quite short stretch of food shops, you can find a variety of foods here: typical street snacks - chats, bread and rice dishes, ice creams and desserts that represent quite a few regions of India. While most of... Read more »

Thali lunch

6 Pins On Bangalore Foodie Map

If somebody ever tells you that Bangalore is not impressive in terms of food, do not believe them. I had heard that from a few people before visiting this city and set my expectations accordingly. Instead, when I started researching the local food scene myself I was pleasantly surprised. After following recommendations from the locals for... Read more »

Goan Specialties: What to Look for on The Menus

Goa region along the West coast of India is known for its seafood and vegetarian dishes. Even though there is an abundance of restaurants, pinpointing Goan specialties might be a challenge due to restauranteurs trying to please the travellers with popular fail-proof dishes from all over the country and beyond. Nepalese momos, Hyderabadi... Read more »

Mumbai street food

10 Mumbai Street Foods You Should Definitely Try

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, it might easily get overwhelming. Beeping cars and auto rickshaws, vibrant colours, smells and flavours intertwine together, creating a unique picture. Mumbai street food is an experience not to be missed. Devour, experiment, explore, - an amazing array of tasty treats is waiting for you in those... Read more »

Dream bar cocktail

Vilnius in a Cocktail Glass (II)

A fair bit of water has flown since the last post on Vilnius’s establishments that are worth visiting for cocktails and some new places opened up that should be pinned on the map. So if you have already checked out the ones described previously, it is time to get on another cocktail tour around the town. Apoteka Small place with tiny... Read more »

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