Dinner parties

Champagne dinner bottles chilling

Champagne Dinner at Gastronomika: Surprising Discoveries and Revelations

Would champagne pair well with lamb? Could low dosage brut be considered a good match with dessert? If somebody had asked me these questions before champagne dinner at Gastronomika I would have been very hesitant answering them. Six beautiful Moutard champagnes, some of them of limited stock. Six gourmet dishes by Le Cordon Bleu... Read more »


Feast of Five Senses

Bolts of lightning, drums of thunder, spatter of rain. Black curtains open up leading to a dark room lit only by a dim candle light. The guests enter one by one, holding the invitations that promise all the five senses - vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell - to be enhanced. A secret dinner party is hosted in One Two Bar tonight by the... Read more »

The table

One Night Food Affair

On a rainy Saturday night passers-by in the centre of Vilnius could see some people shrunk into their coats, knocking on the door of a speak-easy establishment that opened up for the seekers of unusual experiences: one night pop-up restaurant set up in a secret back room called "the library". Directed by a creative team of cooking studio... Read more »

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