Cold brew coffee

Crossbreeding Coffee With Booze: Trend or Fad?

Fusing coffee and alcohol in search of new flavour combinations is taking the next step outside of cocktail bars. Drinks that are hard to attribute to either booze or coffee category are emerging in the market aiming for mass consumption and some of those combinations are quite interesting and unexpected to say the least. Coffee stout There... Read more »

Fun Historical Facts About London Coffee Culture You Probably Didn’t Know

Would you ever guess that coffee became popular in Great Britain before tea and it remained that way until a century later? Can you imagine person's sanity to be assessed by customers of a café? Did you know that the foundations of today's London's stock market were laid in a coffee-house? I found out these and much more amusing facts during... Read more »

Coffee cocktail

When Coffee Meets Cocktails

If you are an espresso lover and you like cocktails, the chances that you had an Espresso Martini are quite high. When it comes to other coffee flavoured drinks, most likely you’ll come across those laced with coffee liquor rather than with espresso. Coffee is pretty tricky to pair with alcohol to make it taste good and not loose the... Read more »

Coffee tasting

Coffee as a Medium and a Message

"The same, only stronger. Similar, just brighter. Close enough, but more. Sometimes days are like that. When you feel disarmed and disarmoured. Almost skinless. Nearly actual." That was the story I read on artisan coffee packaging the other day while making my morning brew before heading off to tech and progress conference to listen to... Read more »

Paleo coffee

Paleo Coffee: Is It Even a Thing?

Paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular these days, so I am sure you know somebody who follows it or at least you heard of it. What about paleo coffee? Neither had I up until recently. I have a friend Claudio, who is a real evangelist of paleo. One morning he shared a photo of coffee beans and egg yolks with the caption "Primal Egg Yolk... Read more »

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