Petite Watermelons

Petite Watermelon Jello Shots

I had been contemplating on making jello shots for quite some time until the opportunity came along: my friends, who recently came back from Costa Rica, were having this get together party to share some stories and show pictures from their colourful tropical holidays. I thought I'd contribute to the theme with these petty looking party... Read more »


Moroccan Seffa Improvised

I don't use couscous that often and this was one of those rare occasions when I decided to make something with it. The initial idea was salad with spinach. I usually buy fine couscous and I don't cook it, only soak it in cold water. That way the granules don't stick together. When couscous was soaked and ready to be used, I realised I don't... Read more »

Five Simple Whisky Cocktails

I'll be forever grateful to King and Mouse whisky bar in Vilnius for helping me to overcome the stigma of whisky being a hard drink for tough guys (that kind of guys from westerns or Marlboro ads). After trying some milder and less smoky varieties I started gaining some courage to sample more serious drops when having the right mood and the... Read more »

Almond friand

Almond Friands

Small French pastries - almond friands can be called cousins of financiers: both are made of ground almonds and egg whites. The only difference in terms of ingredients is brown butter (beurre noisette), which is used for financiers, but not friands. Also you can get more creative when baking friands and add some extra ingredients such as... Read more »

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