Codorniu winery

Visiting Codorniu Winery

Penedes region just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona is abundant with vineyards and cava wineries. You can jump on a train or a bus and go there on your own or join a guided wine tour. Last year I visited Freixenet and this year Codorniu winery was on my itinerary - world's oldest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wines. It took... Read more »


Rinkoff Bakery: Masters of Crodoughs

Unlike in front of one bakery in Manhattan there are no queues at 6am nor journalists hunting for sensations here. You won't spot these pastries sold in the black market for ten times the amount they are worth. And yet Rinkoff Bakery located in a quiet spot in East London delivers finger licking good crodough - croissant and doughnut hybrid... Read more »

Sauce for onions

Geranium Restaurant: The Universe of Nordic Flavours

Denmark can be proud of quite a few award-winning chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants. While a few years back Noma attracted everybody’s attention to Copenhagen (mine included), there are much more places worth checking. Geranium restaurant with world's most prestigious cooking competition Bocuse d’Or gold medal winner Rasmus Kofoed at... Read more »

Gränna: The Town of Swedish Candy – Polkagris

Have you ever seen a town dedicated to candy with sweets shops wherever you turn? Neither had I until I visited Gränna - a small town in Sweden, lined up with colourful houses luring you in to take a look how polkagris candies are made and pick up a few from a variety of flavours and shapes. The origins of making candy sticks can be traced... Read more »

Gelupo gelato

Gelupo Gelato: The Place for Grown-up Kids

Friday night in buzzing Soho in central London. Office crowd and party goers alike flock the bars for drinks. I open the door and step inside. The place is packed: some people are sitting on the bar chairs in the front, the lucky ones have scored table seats at the back and the rest are just standing wherever they can find some room. Gelupo... Read more »

Sunday roast

The Truscott Arms: Wooed by The Best Sunday Roast in London

Sunday roast just like afternoon tea I wrote about in one of my previous blog posts is a quintessential gastronomic experience In the United Kingdom. While most of Britons agree that the best roast is made at home, some pubs serve pretty decent Sunday fair. I’d love to try some home made roast one day, but this time I head to The Truscott... Read more »

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