Gelupo gelato

Gelupo Gelato: The Place for Grown-up Kids

Friday night in buzzing Soho in central London. Office crowd and party goers alike flock the bars for drinks. I open the door and step inside. The place is packed: some people are sitting on the bar chairs in the front, the lucky ones have scored table seats at the back and the rest are just standing wherever they can find some room. Gelupo... Read more »

Sunday roast

The Truscott Arms: Wooed by The Best Sunday Roast in London

Sunday roast just like afternoon tea I wrote about in one of my previous blog posts is a quintessential gastronomic experience In the United Kingdom. While most of Britons agree that the best roast is made at home, some pubs serve pretty decent Sunday fair. I’d love to try some home made roast one day, but this time I head to The Truscott... Read more »

Lunch at Olof Viktors

Olof Viktors Bakery: Destination in Southeast Sweden

I have some sentiments for bakeries, especially those in the countryside. They usually feel very homey, welcoming you with the smell of freshly baked bread and cosy warmth. From the reviews Olof Viktors bakery in southeast Sweden sounded like it could be one of those idyllic places worth travelling miles for. I found out about this... Read more »

Chin chin labs ice cream

Chin Chin Labs: Ice Cream Chemistry At Its Best

The Times nominated it as the best ice cream parlour in England. The Observer named it as the future of ice cream. I had a cup of their decadent goodness a few years ago when they just opened up and keep on coming back for their sinfully delicious scoops whenever I have an excuse to visit Camden Town in London. The place is called Chin Chin... Read more »

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