Skarhult castle

Indulging Like Royalty in Scanian Castles

Imagine sitting on the terrace of a castle overlooking magnificent garden. Birds are chirping in the trees and you can smell flowers blooming nearby. Coffee is served for you along with some pastries. You sip it slowly while enjoying the views of the royal grounds. This is not a dream, but a reality that can be experienced in Sweden. ... Read more »

Restaurant guests

Vilnius Food and Drinks Redefined

Don't get fooled by guidebooks suggesting you should go looking for potato dumplings as the utmost culinary delicacy when visiting Lithuania. Days when this country was best known for hearty potato dishes once consumed by hard working farmers are long gone. Today the capital city Vilnius is a good representation of gastronomic trends that can... Read more »

Codorniu winery

Visiting Codorniu Winery

Penedes region just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona is abundant with vineyards and cava wineries. You can jump on a train or a bus and go there on your own or join a guided wine tour. Last year I visited Freixenet and this year Codorniu winery was on my itinerary - world's oldest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wines. It took... Read more »

Gränna: The Town of Swedish Candy – Polkagris

Have you ever seen a town dedicated to candy with sweets shops wherever you turn? Neither had I until I visited Gränna - a small town in Sweden, lined up with colourful houses luring you in to take a look how polkagris candies are made and pick up a few from a variety of flavours and shapes. The origins of making candy sticks can be traced... Read more »

Bengtsons Ost

Foodie Travels: Gourmet Walk in Lund

Old castle-like university buildings, cobblestone streets with small shops, parks and botanical gardens - this is Lund, a cosy little town in Southern Sweden. It is my favourite place by far in this region not only for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly people, who are happy to have a chat and give you some advice, but also for quite a few... Read more »

Smoked eel

Exploring Sweden: in Search of Eel in Scania

Åhus is a town in Eastern Sweden famous for its fresh water eels – smoked and usually served with scrambled eggs. That’s what I learnt online while doing research on the specialties of Scania when visiting the region. It sounded so appealing to me that I decided this dish is worth travelling across the country. Some more research... Read more »

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