Vilnius in a Cocktail Glass (II)

Dream bar cocktail

A fair bit of water has flown since the last post on Vilnius’s establishments that are worth visiting for cocktails and some new places opened up that should be pinned on the map. So if you have already checked out the ones described previously, it is time to get on another cocktail tour around the town.


Small place with tiny tables and a few seats at the bar breathes the atmosphere of intimacy. The head apothecarian in white smock will greet you at the door and he will make sure to prescribe you the right treatment, sometimes even before you open the menu. However, it is worth having a look at it even if you think you are an experienced cocktail drinker. Fancy some Absinth Dill, Chamomile Old Fashioned, or maybe a Honey Basil Daiquiri? Dare to experiment, Apoteka is certainly the right place for that. Don’t get surprised if your cocktail is served in a hollowed capsicum or in a couple of beakers, so you can mix it yourself. Refined recipes, quality ingredients, house infused spirits and bitters, thought-through garnishes and creative serving puts this bar at the same level as sophisticated London establishments.

Apoteka bar Vilnius

Apoteka, Visų Šventųjų st. 5, Vilnius

Come here for: a date with someone you want to impress.

Dream Bar

Smart janitors, red carpets and crystal glasses set the tone of Dream Bar. With an exceptional focus on the quality of drinks bartenders will make a cocktail from their menu or will knock up something personally for you based on your request. Expect anything from modern classics to worldwide trending new drinks. The place is perfect both for novices in the world of mixology, who want to start their cocktail education, as well as for connoisseurs, who can get their favourite drinks done right or try something new, such as saffron gin. There is not that much of seating, but if you are ready to mix and mingle with the crowd, you can easily do that. The atmosphere here might be a bit pretentious at times, so get your shoes polished or a little black dress on and you will blend in well.

Dream bar Vilnius

Dream Bar, Gaono st. 7, Vilnius

Come here for: saffron gin and tonic while mingling with a trendy crowd.


With slightly mysterious interior framed by old arches, dim lights, a few smaller tables along the walls and a couple of more private seating areas for larger crowds, it is a place for a quiet mid-week drink or not-so-quiet weekend outing. Trinity bar gets pretty crowded on Fridays, so get in early if you want some personal attention from their charismatic bartenders. Cocktail of the week here is usually something classic, but every now and again they put a creative touch to it. You may be offered Espresso Martini with Becherovka or Trinity formula Martini with elderflower and mint. In fact, creativity of Trinity bartenders is quite unlimited and if you want to challenge them, they will happily accept it and surprise you with something unexpected.

Trinity bar Vilnius

Trinity, Vilniaus st. 30, Vilnius

Come here for: a mid-week drink with a colleague.

Strange Love

The crowd behind this place call Strange Love a ‘coffee house’, but you can refer to it as a restaurant or even a bar and you won’t go wrong. They make coffee throughout a day, serve daily lunch and a la carte dinner at the restaurant area upstairs and have a few cocktails on the menu. The selection of drinks is rather small, but the best part is that you can enjoy them whenever you pop in – during daytime or early evening, cause it’s never too early for a cocktail, is it? You can sip on gin with rose lemonade or Aperol spritz, but considering that they have their own coffee roaster, not trying an espresso based cocktail would be an opportunity missed. If you like slightly bitter flavour of Campari, then Espresso Negroni is guaranteed to impress you. Otherwise go for Irish Coffee, which is hands down the best in Vilnius.

Strange Love Vilnius

Strange Love, B. Radvilaitės st. 6B, Vilnius

Come here for: an espresso based cocktail after having a stroll in the nearby Bernardinai garden.



Featured photo credits: Dream Bar

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