Munching Your Way Through Broadway Market


Lucky to be in London on a sunny Saturday? Feeling like having brunch outdoors sampling some gourmet foods or getting a cup of good coffee? Then head to the Broadway Market for a leisurly walk and some palate pleasing experiences.

You’d want to get to either Hoxton, Bethnal Green or Haggerston tube station and then take approximately 15 minute walk to the market. Your sense of smell would notify you of the right direction once you are getting close to it. Burgers and crepes, curries and stews, pies and cakes – you’ll find it all here, surrounded with a buzzing colourful crowd of the locals and visitors alike.

Broadway market buzz

Broadway Market buzz

What a day, if it doesn’t start with a decent coffee, right? There are a few coffee shops along Broadway Market (even one with a vegetarian twist for those with particular preferences) and a couple of coffee stalls, but if you are here for the first time and have an appreciation for good coffee, head straight to Climpson & Sons, which has been proclaimed as one of the best cafes in London. I have to warn you: be ready to queue for some 15 minutes, but a cup of goodness you’ll receive will definately make up for it. Most likely the cafe will be too crowded to sit down during the morning and lunch hours, but if you are lucky you can get a seat on one of the benches outside and just watch the people and inhale the aromas of food.

Climpson and Sons

Climpson & Sons coffee roasters

If you can resist the smell of wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil from the nearby stall, then walk around and see what catches your eye or tickles your nose. Fancy some British specialties? Try scotch egg – a hard boiled egg coated in mince meat, rolled in bread crumbs and baked. Already had it before? What about some creative variations of it with chorizo, Indian curry or haggis? Not a meat eater? No problem, they even have a vegetarian version of it.

Scotch eggs with a creative twist

Scotch eggs with a creative twist

You better come hungry here, because the selection of food is beyond imagination. Persian and Carribean, Italian and Turkish, African and Indian, raw, vegetarian and vegan, you name it. You can walk along while sampling small bits and pieces such as mini pies, quishes and the like or get a proper sized meal, but then you’d want to come here more than once to try some other mouth watering things.


Turkish gözleme

Whatever you end up getting, try to leave some space for a dessert. Macarons with fig or salty caramel ice cream will melt in your mouth. Pastries and cakes would make to at least stop and admire them for a while: nicely decorated love heart tarts, owl shaped shortbread, meticulously made elephant pictures on gingerberad – all looking so pretty that it would be a shame to eat them. Not to mention colourful layered marshmallows you just can’t get past without stopping and sampling some.


Colourful marshmallows

Considering of getting something for home? Dips and olives, cheeses and hams, the purest olive oils and big loaves of fresh bread are lined up and piled on the counters, ready to be wrapped and packed and taken with you.

Cheese heaven

Cheese heaven

When your stomach is content and your shopping bag is loaded with some goodies for your family or friends (or for yourself, but you just needed an excuse to get some more rather than less), grab a drink, listen to Nina Simone covers being performed live in Off Broadway bar and simply enjoy the moment.

Relaxed afternoon

Relaxed afternoon


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  1. Those marshmallows look divine. Can’t believe I’ve never spotted them before. I’ll be on the look out this Saturday!!

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