Crossbreeding Coffee With Booze: Trend or Fad?

Cold brew coffee

Fusing coffee and alcohol in search of new flavour combinations is taking the next step outside of cocktail bars. Drinks that are hard to attribute to either booze or coffee category are emerging in the market aiming for mass consumption and some of those combinations are quite interesting and unexpected to say the least.

Coffee stout

There are a few better and lesser known breweries, that brews beer with coffee and it seems to be a real winner amongst the aficionados of those two beverages. I came across Helsingborgs Bryggeri Kaffestout and simply had to try it. Pitch black with a dominant coffee flavour and natural sweetness it could be a substitute for iced coffee on a hot summer day. The brewers suggest having it with chocolate-based dessert after dinner, which was the advice I folowed. In fact, due to the richness of the flavour, I found it hard to drink it without accompaniment. Coffee beer kept me awake for half of the night, so stay away from it late in the evening unless you are planning on having an all-nighter.

Helsingborgs coffee stout

Hopped coffee

Nice cool bottle in your hand, hoppy flavour pleasantly tickling your palate and the best part is that you can enjoy this while at work in a totally justifiable manner. Denver’s Corvus Coffee Roasters came up with cold brew coffee flavoured with hops or the IPA of coffees if you like. It is brewed in beer fermenters and dry hopped throughout a 17 hour process, gaining chocolaty and sweet citrusy notes. Naturally intense coffee and hop flavours complement each other, so it could be the best thing ever invented for those who are powered on coffees and beers.

Hopped Coffee

Whiskey cold brew

Los Angeles based startup Fliquour Bean decided to take Irish coffee to the whole new level. Rather than pouring whiskey into the brewed coffee, they started brewing coffee with whiskey instead of water. To brew a small batch takes 12 to 14 hours and the result is smooth coffee with the same caffeine content as regular cold brew and a bite of 90-proof whiskey. It is best served over rocks, but can be enhanced with syrup and cream to ones liking. Not sure it should be called whisky flavoured coffee or coffee flavoured whisky though.

Whiskey cold drip coffee

Coffee flavoured wine

Fancy some Cabernet Coffee Espresso? Or maybe Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino? Yes, you heard it right, it seems coffee can be combined with wine, or at least that’s what Friends Fun Wine creators think. They are offering World’s first coffee-wine in a can. The packaging does not sound that fancy, but hey, it’s supposed to be fun as the brand suggests, so maybe let’s not take things too seriously here. It might be a good wine cooler of sorts on a hot summer day.

Coffee flavoured wine


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2 thoughts on “Crossbreeding Coffee With Booze: Trend or Fad?”

  1. Thomas G. says:

    I’d wager it’s a little bit of both, and something else entirely. Coffee is a very unique, and rich source of flavor, and there are also a number of varieties (3000) of coffee bean which have never been seen in the global market. These rare Ethiopian coffee beans are slowly making their way out into the rest of the world, and have a huge range of flavors. If you have a coffee interest (who doesn’t eh?) I’d recommend watching the Joe Rogan Experience episode where he interviews Peter Giuliano; the coffee guy.

  2. Neringa says:

    Thanks for the tip Thomas, will check it out!

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