Foodie Travels: Tasty Discoveries of Glastonbury

Burns the Bread

Whatever reason may bring you to Glastonbury: the festival, the druid gathering, an aspiration to climb the Tor or get your Tarot reading done, there is much more to this charming town of Somerset. Besides a few good looking vegetarian and vegan food restaurants you can find some interesting nibbles to try or to pick up with you while having a stroll along the town full of colourful people smiling and greeting you on the way.

Torsy Moorsy cake

Found at Burns the Bread bakery, this luxury fruit cake has got some mystic legend behind it (just like most of the things in Glastonbury have, really). Named after the local landscape of the famous Tor (tower on the hill) and surrounding moors, it is made using an old recipe which they claim was found in the niche next to fireplace while renovating the bakery. Amongst the usual fruit cake ingredients it contains currants, cider, Somerset ‘scrumpy’ and Cheddar cheese. It is rich and moist in texture and goes well with a cup of tea. Packed in a nice tin box it makes a perfect present from Glastonbury.

Fruit cake

Fruit cake in tins

Lardy cake

As weird as it may sound, this cake is indeed made with lard. It looks just like any sliced up cake dotted with sultanas and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. The texture and the taste of it reminds me of a doughnut due to the fat used for dough. Don’t get repulsed by the idea and try some. Not sure about the dietary implications of it, but it tastes pretty good. You can buy it in the same Burns the Bread bakery as the Torsy Moorsy cake.

Lardy cake

Cake made with lard

Raw chocolates

Chocolate Love Temple is a little shoppe that can be found at the end of the High street. All of their chocolates are hand made, using only natural ingredients, with no sugar nor dairy involved. You will be happily greeted and treated with chocolate samples and most likely will pick up at least a couple of chokkies afterwards seduced by rich flavours and pretty shapes such as Buddha heads or rose petal laced love hearts. Durian flavoured chocolates is something to try and the ones with goji berries are pretty good too. White chocolate here tastes nothing like you’ve tried before due to lucuma powder used as a natural sweetener, giving it caramel-like flavour and colour.

Raw chocolates

Chocolates with rose petal, durian and goji berries

Abbot’s Kitchen produce

If you are visiting Glastonbury Abbey, you’ll surely have a look around the restored medieval Abbot’s kitchen. Pop into the souvenir shop before you leave, where you’ll find some locally produced ciders and home made chutneys. The selection is not that big, but they’d make a nice souvenir to bring back home and the advantage of edible souvenirs is that they would never go to waste.

Sundried tomate chutney

Sundried tomato and garlic chutney

If you have a passion for cooking and know your grits and spices, head to The Earth Fare shop, where you’ll get an impressive selection of organic cooking supplies in one place. Stock up on dried fruit and nuts, seeds and anything that catches your eye to suit your creative cooking needs.

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  1. sarahgiebens says:

    I love Glastonbury already and I haven’t even been there! Lovely post!

  2. Marko says:

    Hallo, excellent this Torsy Moorsy cake ! But how to buy from Germany customers ? Pls advs ! Received it as gift some days before.
    Brgds Marko

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