Paleo Coffee

Paleo coffee

Paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular these days, so I am sure you know somebody who follows it or at least you heard of it. What about paleo coffee? Neither had I up until recently. I have a friend Claudio, who is a real evangelist of paleo. One morning he shared a photo of coffee beans and egg yolks with a caption “Primal Egg Yolk Coffee”, which instantly caught my eye and got me intrigued. Claudio’s friend, who is a barista, was experimenting with preparing creative coffee drinks before taking part in the national coffee championship. An hour later I was scooting towards the coffee shop, where the experiments were taking place, dying to try this new drink.

Even though black coffee is considered paleo, adding milk is a no-no in terms of this ideology. There are creative ways of substituting milk with paleo ingredients, which would make coffee look and taste milky, but still be paleo and that was what I witnessed.  The process of preparation  looked pretty uncomplicated.  All you need to prepare this coffee is a shot of espresso, some almond milk, egg yolk, a bit of sweetener (such as stevia) and a dash of cinnamon. Pasteurizing eggs in hot water before the usage is a must in order to kill the bacteria. All the ingredients apart from espresso have to be blended until smooth and frothy, poured over the espresso shot et voilà! The coffee is done and ready to be enjoyed.

The taste of the coffee was much smoother and less pretentious than I thought it would be. Blended egg yolk made the texture of the coffee richer, but it didn’t add any extra unwanted flavour. Cinnamon was slightly dominating, which made me think that gingerbread spice mix could possibly work in this coffee too. The froth could have been thicker and I can imagine a bit more of it, but I suppose it is a matter of experimenting until you get it right. My idea on further experiments with this drink was serving it as iced coffee rather than having it luke warm due to the larger amount of its ingredients not heated.

I did some research afterwards on the ways of preparing paleo coffee and found another recipe I liked. As weird as it may sound, coconut oil and butter is used for preparation of coffee, which should make the texture of it even creamier. I have already tried hot cocktails with melted butter, so coffee with butter wouldn’t scare me and I am already looking forward to giving it a try.

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