Coffee cocktail

When Coffee Meets Cocktails

If you are an espresso lover and you like cocktails, the chances that you had an Espresso Martini are quite high. When it comes to other coffee flavoured drinks, most likely you’ll come across those laced with coffee liquor rather than with espresso. Coffee is pretty tricky to pair with alcohol to make it taste good and not loose the... Read more »

Chocolate & Blue Cheese Martini

Creative Cocktails That Challenge Your Taste Buds

If you think that melted butter as a cocktail ingredient sounds a bit weird, what would you say when offered beef consommé vodka shot or a Wasabi Martini? I tend to get excited seeing something unusual on the menu and go for the weirdest sounding option, so here is a list of creative drinks I tried that will challenge your perception of a... Read more »

Afternoon tea

The Essentials of British Afternoon Tea

I knew about British tradition of drinking tea even before I travelled there for the first time. What I didn’t know was that when somebody says ‘afternoon tea’, they have in mind something more rather than a cup of hot drink. It means the whole indulgent experience around 4pm, having scones, mini sandwiches and cakes with your... Read more »

Oil and balsamic

The Alchemy of Oil and Vinegar: Combining the Two

Few could argue that oil and vinegar is a perfect match. The combination is widely used for salads, for dipping bread or for marinades. Usually it’s just a regular balsamic vinegar and olive oil. But have you ever tried searching for something more interesting, such as walnut oil or raspberry vinegar, and then combining the two? As much... Read more »

Party Dip

Lean Party Dip Recipe

Feeling guilty snacking on oil soaked chips? Bracing yourself from reaching out for morish salted nuts? When it comes to party nibbles, it doesn't necessarily have to be a calorie bomb. If you want lean and yet very tasty snack (or guilt-free late evening/post-work out munch), I recommend you try this quick and easy to prepare cheese dip... Read more »


Feast of Five Senses

Bolts of lightning, drums of thunder, spatter of rain. Black curtains open up leading to a dark room lit only by a dim candle light. The guests enter one by one, holding the invitations that promise all the five senses - vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell - to be enhanced. A secret dinner party is hosted in One Two Bar tonight by the... Read more »

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