Raw Truffles

Raw Fruit & Nut Truffles

I have been sympathising for raw food for quite some time and even if I don't go looking for it every day, I tend to make some raw spreads or dips every now and again. A while ago I decided to make raw sweets. With a bit of inspiration from various food blogs and some improvisation (as usual) I produced a nice batch of cute looking raw... Read more »

Coffee tasting

Coffee as a Medium and a Message

"The same, only stronger. Similar, just brighter. Close enough, but more. Sometimes days are like that. When you feel disarmed and disarmoured. Almost skinless. Nearly actual." That was the story I read on artisan coffee packaging the other day while making my morning brew before heading off to tech and progress conference to listen to... Read more »

Petite Watermelons

Petite Watermelon Jello Shots

I had been contemplating on making jello shots for quite some time until the opportunity came along: my friends, who recently came back from Costa Rica, were having this get together party to share some stories and show pictures from their colourful tropical holidays. I thought I'd contribute to the theme with these petty looking party... Read more »


Moroccan Seffa Improvised

I don't use couscous that often and this was one of those rare occasions when I decided to make something with it. The initial idea was salad with spinach. I usually buy fine couscous and I don't cook it, only soak it in cold water. That way the granules don't stick together. When couscous was soaked and ready to be used, I realised I don't... Read more »

Paleo coffee

Paleo Coffee

Paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular these days, so I am sure you know somebody who follows it or at least you heard of it. What about paleo coffee? Neither had I up until recently. I have a friend Claudio, who is a real evangelist of paleo. One morning he shared a photo of coffee beans and egg yolks with a caption "Primal Egg Yolk... Read more »

The table

One Night Food Affair

On a rainy Saturday night passers-by in the centre of Vilnius could see some people shrunk into their coats, knocking on the door of a speak-easy establishment that opened up for the seekers of unusual experiences: one night pop-up restaurant set up in a secret back room called "the library". Directed by a creative team of cooking studio... Read more »

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