Lean Party Dip Recipe

Party Dip

Feeling guilty snacking on oil soaked chips? Bracing yourself from reaching out for morish salted nuts? When it comes to party nibbles, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a calorie bomb. If you want lean and yet very tasty snack (or guilt-free late evening/post-work out munch), I recommend you try this quick and easy to prepare cheese dip recipe.


Add all the ingredients into food processor and blend until it gets smooth (a minute or so). Taste it to see if it has enough of salt and add some more if needed. The amount of the dip should be enough for 3-4 people.

The ingredients listed in the recipe is my favourite combination, but you can easily improvise. If you don’t have curd, you can substitute it with some other variety of white crumbly cheese such as feta (of course it will be not-so-lean option). Omit garlic if you are not a big fan of it, but for me it is the essential ingredient of the dip. Any variation of  dried or fresh herbs can be used for seasoning. My second favourite after dill is parsley. You can make a few different varieties of the dip with the same curd and yoghurt base, just divide the blended mix into two or three parts, add different ingredients into each of them, for e.g. herbs – sun dried tomatoes – cracked pepper and then blend some more.

Vegetables that I usually choose for dipping are carrot and celery sticks, but paprika, cauliflower, cucumber or baby zucchini are perfect too.

The dip has rich creamy texture, so sometimes I use it as a spread on bread instead of cream cheese when making salmon sandwiches. The two work amazingly well together and this spread is much leaner option (0,5-1% of fat in lean curd as opposed to 40-80% of fat in cream cheese).

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