Traditional Brunch Cocktails: Mimosa, Bellini and Kir

Having a cocktail with late weekend brunch is not an uncommon experience. Sparkling wine based brunch drinks are usually... Read more »

Farmor Birgit’s Pepparkakor – Granny’s Gingerbread Cookies

Winter in snowed on Dalarna in central Sweden, just a few days to go until Christmas. I open a tin of cookies and get... Read more »

Jansson’s Temptation – Swedish Potato Bake

My Swedish food temptation started some years ago when I visited the country for the first time. I was invited for... Read more »

Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Eel

Try this easy-to-prepare Swedish delicacy inspired by visiting a little town of Åhus. Scrambled eggs with smoked... Read more »

When Coffee Meets Cocktails

If you are an espresso lover and you like cocktails, the chances that you had an Espresso Martini are quite high. When... Read more »

Lean Party Dip Recipe

Feeling guilty snacking on oil soaked chips? Bracing yourself from reaching out for morish salted nuts? When it comes to... Read more »

Raw Fruit & Nut Truffles

I have been sympathising for raw food for quite some time and even if I don't go looking for it every day, I tend to... Read more »

Petite Watermelon Jello Shots

I had been contemplating on making jello shots for quite some time until the opportunity came along: my friends, who... Read more »

Moroccan Seffa Improvised

I don't use couscous that often and this was one of those rare occasions when I decided to make something with it. The... Read more »

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