Geranium Restaurant: The Universe of Nordic Flavours

Denmark can be proud of quite a few award-winning chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants. While a few years back Noma... Read more »

Gränna: The Town of Swedish Candy – Polkagris

Have you ever seen a town dedicated to candy with sweets shops wherever you turn? Neither had I until I visited Gränna... Read more »

Spit Cakes Across Europe

If you visited Budapest or Prague, you might have seen pastries baked on spits in the streets, tempting with... Read more »

Gelupo Gelato: The Place for Grown-up Kids

Friday night in buzzing Soho in central London. Office crowd and party goers alike flock the bars for drinks. I open the... Read more »

The Truscott Arms: Wooed by The Best Sunday Roast in London

Sunday roast just like afternoon tea I wrote about in one of my previous blog posts is a quintessential gastronomic... Read more »

Crossbreeding Coffee With Booze: Trend or Fad?

Fusing coffee and alcohol in search of new flavour combinations is taking the next step outside of cocktail bars. Drinks... Read more »

Foodie Year Roundup 2014

The end of the year is the time to sum up all the things tasted, places visited and discoveries made. Flicking through... Read more »

Farmor Birgit’s Pepparkakor – Granny’s Gingerbread Cookies

Winter in snowed on Dalarna in central Sweden, just a few days to go until Christmas. I open a tin of cookies and get... Read more »

Fun Historical Facts About London Coffee Culture You Probably Didn’t Know

Would you ever guess that coffee became popular in Great Britain before tea and it remained that way until a century... Read more »

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