Raw Fruit & Nut Truffles

Raw Truffles

I have been sympathising for raw food for quite some time and even if I don’t go looking for it every day, I tend to make some raw spreads or dips every now and again. A while ago I decided to make raw sweets. With a bit of inspiration from various food blogs and some improvisation (as usual) I produced a nice batch of cute looking raw carob truffles. They were so easy to make and turned out so tasty, that a few days later I found myself in the kitchen again experimenting with the ingredients. I wanted to make fruity rather than chocolatey version this time, so I didn’t use carob powder and substituted dates with cranberry and sultana mixture.


Makes 30-32 truffles


Carob powder
Chia seeds
Fine coconut flakes

Blend the nuts, oats and carob powder (if you are making the chocolatey version) in a food processor until you get a coarse flour texture. Take the mixture out and set aside. Blend dried fruit of your choice as fine as it can get. Add the nut and oat mixture into the blender with a dash of vanilla if desired and blend it all together. Add raw coconut oil, which will be a binding agent and mix well. Depending on how moist the dried fruit were you might want to use less or more oil than indicated. Start shaping small balls with your hands, roll them in the coatings and store in the fridge at least for an hour before serving.

Carob powder and chia seeds stick well on the truffles, but coconut flakes were a bit of a challenge – I had to almost knead the balls in a bowl of coconut and then adjust the shape of them so they are nice and round.

Contemplating on further improvements of the recipe I came up with an idea of making the truffles with chilli powder and cardamon one day and try using different nuts. I can imagine pumpkin or sunflower seeds would work well too, so there are no limits for your creativity here.

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